Akela’s Adventure #3

Games, games and more games is how we spent our den meeting this week. Also, we talk about our Pack Garage sale and a few other things. And thanks you all for the wonderful feedback.Remeber, if you have some feedback drop us a line at denleaderbob@gmail.com


Tip of the Week is all for new leaders. Check out the BSA website for Sean’s Scouting Pages.

Special Thanks to all of our friends that helped out on the show this week:
Cubmaster Chris from An Hour A Week? Podcast

Other Podcast Mentioned in the show:
The Leader Campfire
The Pack Podcast
The Wildebeat Podcast

Cubmaster Minute:
What you give in life has a tendency to go round and round. What you give is what you get.
Remember what goes around comes around. The Cub Scout motto is “Do your best.” By doing your best – you
get the best back.

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