Akela’s Adventure #6 – Back In Action

We are back from the summer break and kicking the show into full gear. This week is all about “Down on the Farm”. Ti and I talk about the den meeting this past week, school recruitment and much more. You can email the show at denleaderbob@gmail.com


Tip of the Week is from Scott Robertson for his webiste “Insane Scouter”.

Special Thanks to all of our friends that helped out on the show this week:
Cubmaster Chris from An Hour A Week? Podcast

Other Podcast Mentioned in the show:
The Leader Campfire
Nobody’s Listening

Cubmaster Minute:
Take a package of tiny carrot seeds – they don’t look like much. But if we plant them in the right kind of soil, and make sure they get lots of sunlight, water and air, they will grow to be big, healthy carrots. Our Cub Scouts are a little like the carrot seeds – they have the potential to grow into strong, healthy young men. As scout leaders and parents, we can provide the varied experiences, learning opportunities and growing space so that our Cubs will develop into young men of character, with strong minds, bodies and spirits. Remember to take care of your most precious crop.

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