How to Listen & Subscribe

You don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts. In fact, all you need is a computer. Transferring the podcast to your portable mp3 player is optional.

Click & play on the web

If your web browser is enabled with Flash, you can listen to podcasts embedded in web pages. Just click on the player below each episode’s entry on the Show pages.

Download MP3 files

All show episodes are also available as individual MP3 files which you can download to your computer and listen on your media player of choice. The download link is located below the player on each episode’s entry on the Show pages.

Subscribe via iTunes for automatic downloads

If you have iTunes (version 4.9 or later), you can use it to subscribe to any podcast channel, and all past, present, and future audio files in that channel will be automatically downloaded to your computer (and to your iPod, when you connect it). To do this, simply select the iTunes subscription links below.

Subscribe for automatic downloads if you don’t have iTunes

If you don’t have iTunes, there are plenty of other software products that will work with your media player of choice. Each of these products allows you to subscribe to podcast channels, and audio files will be automatically downloaded and added to your media library. The two most popular software seem to be iPodder and Juice.

Every show has a subscription link on the show page. If you would like to subscribe to all of the PTC shows in one convenient place, use this URL in your podcast player: