Interested in Advertising?

What are the shows about?

The PTC Media Network, the premier Scouting podcast network, is a collection of audio and video shows, called podcasts, all dedicated in some way to the scouting movement. Each show strives to live by the different Oaths, Laws and Promises that have been in place for a century. Today, Boy Scouts of America has more than one million registered adult leaders. The PTC Media Network goal is to reach as many of those leaders as possible to spread knowledge and to spark conversation about scouting.
All audio shows are available in MP3 format for streaming directly from the website and downloading to portable devices. They are also available for download in in the iTunes music store.

What is the payoff?

Targeted Advertising. PTC provides to you a highly targeted engaged audience of scout leaders and parents in this unique manner. Instead of just using the same tired (and often ignored) print media campaigns, PTC offers advertisers up to 30 second radio-style commercials inserted during our audio programs – which we produce for you at no extra charge.

THE RESULT: Your message reaches the exact, highly-targeted audience you want to address at a fraction of the cost of radio or magazine advertising.

How will this help me sell more product?

Our audience is made up almost exclusively of scout leaders and parents of scouts. They are very involved in their children’s activities and are active scouters.

Who is listening to podcasts?

The following are excerpts from an extensive study presented back in May 2009 and produced by Edison Research.

  • One in four Americans indicated that they have downloaded and watched/listened to an audio or video podcast
  • In 2008, awareness of podcasting grew from 37% of Americans to 43%
  • Podcast listeners are extensive social network users.
  • The number one reason given for podcast consumption was time-shifting–the ability to consume content whenever the consumer desires.
  • Podcast consumers continue to be attractive advertising targets; yet are increasingly unreachable through traditional, interrupt advertising
  • Almost 65% of podcast listeners have attended or graduated college
  • Almost 50% of podcast listeners have a household income of $50k or more
  • Podcast consumers spend more than 7hrs per week on line.
  • 18-44 male listeners tends to be the major consumer demographic

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