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Serving to Lead SMMPodcast # 80

In this show we talk about Servant leadership and ask the questions that make every leader successful!
We answer a Listener email and talk about forming Patrols and the examples we set as Scoutmasters!
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SMMPodcast # 69 – Sleeping Well

Welcome Back to the SMMPodcast, in this episode I talk about Sleeping well.

We spend a great deal of time while camping sleeping and eating.  Here are some tips to help you sleep well during your camping adventures. Continue Reading →

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SMM #66 Talking Backpacking Food

In Backpacking meals are an important of your trail experience. There are as many ways to go about planning and preparing meals as there are trails. Continue Reading →

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SMM 59- Building a High Adventure Program in your Troop

Welcome back to the Scoutmaster Minute Podcast. In this show we talk about High Adventure programs in your Troop.
Building a High Adventure program in your Troop does not require a Trip to Philmont.. You can do it in your own Council area and in the State you live in. The sky is the limit when it comes to Scouting and High Adventure!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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Resources for this Show:

Age Appropriate Guidelines Pull out
Age Appropriate Guidlines
Guide to Safe Scouting
Passport to High Adventure
Council High Adventure Program Search

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The Scoutmaster Minute Show 36- What’s in your Backpack?

In this show we talk about Backpacking gear and how to get Scouts using the right stuff.

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