The Varsity Spot

About The Show

The Varsity Spot Podcast is a podcast meant to address the issues and awesomeness of Varsity Scouting. It is meant for Varsity Leaders or anyone interested in Varsity Scouting. We’ll discuss where this oft misunderstood program came from, where it is now, and where it is going in the future. It can be a challenge to runs great Varsity program, here are some ideas and we look forward to hearing from others as well.

About The Host

RJ started in scout at 8 years old when his dad tipped him upside down to pin his Bobcat on him, in the TransAtlantic Council. the only way that pin could be turned around was with a good turn. After earning Eagle just 9 days before his 18th birthday, there was a small break for college and starting a family. In 2003 the time had arrived to return to an active role in scouting, as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Just one year into that and the previous Scoutmaster moved.

The last 8 years have been a non-stop adventure as an Assistant Scoutmaster, the Scoutmaster, Advancement Committee Chair, District Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, occasional trainer, NYLT ASM over Programs, and next year as an NYLT Course Director in Trapper Trails Council.

RJ lives in Utah, with his 3 boys, a Bear cub, a ‘Seagull’ scout (the 5 year old wants to be in scouting so bad that he decided he was a seagull), and a toddler. Rocky Mountain High!!