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About The Show

Thanks for finding True North, a show with tips, tricks and advice to keep your scouting compass pointing in the right direction. Please join me as I have interviews with those who share the same passion as I do for this great scouting program. I hope that you enjoy the shows…

About The Host

Scoutmaster Shawn: I have been in scouting for going on 7 years, when the flyer came home with his oldest son. In that time, I have been a Den Leader, Cubmaster, Committee Chair, District Training Chair, Unit Commissioner. My current position is Pack Trainer, along with coming the Scoutmaster for a new troop that is forming in my area.

I love the program, and have a passion for scouting that my wife thinks is a bit “obsessive”…but I have seen firsthand the maturation of my sons, and what the scouting program has done for both of them.

Being a part of PTC is an honor, and I am glad that Chris, Steve, and Jerry thought that I belonged here.

Thanks for reading and listening, and keep your compasses pointing in the right direction!

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